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Burial or Cremation



There are a number of reasons why burial may be the preferred choice, one of which is that there can be a lasting family memorial for loved ones to visit.


There are 64 cemeteries and churchyards located within Shetland. They are owned and maintained by

Shetland Island Council, however some of the older cemeteries have no available capacity left for burials.

You may already own a lair at a particular cemetery or churchyard, and in this instance we can make all the necessary arrangements for burial. If a new lair is required, we can help you purchase this with the local authority.

Shetland Island Council has a resident / non-resident policy in force, however there is no extra charge for a Saturday funeral, their current list of fees can be downloaded Here



In our local area we have no crematoria, however we regularly send coffins South to Aberdeen Crematorium for cremation.


The costs of cremation varies depending on the Crematorium chosen, we can repatriate a coffin to your chosen crematorium throughout the British Isles. Direct cremation is becoming more popular with families, the ashes can be returned to Shetland where a memorial service can take place at a later date.

Aberdeen City Council owns and runs the Crematorium at Hazlehead, their current list of fees can be downloaded Here

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