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If the funeral was a burial or you have arranged an ashes interment following a cremation and you purchased a new lair, you may want to choose an appropriate headstone or other memorial marker. We, as agents for Robertson's Granite, have a range of options and styles which we will be happy to show you. 


Or you may already have a headstone in place, which you would like to add an inscription to. We can help and advise you with organising all the above.


We can also assist with the cleaning and re-fixing of existing headstones – even if we didn’t carry out the original funeral.


We have an online brochure available by clicking Here.

Their current price list can downloaded HERE

Lerwick Cemetery.jpg

If you would like to to have an inscription added or maintenance carried out on an existing inscription you can download the application form Here.

If you would like to request a consultation regarding the purchase of a memorial, arranging for a memorial to be erected, or for an inscription to be added or maintained/renewed, please give us a call on 01595 693791 during office hours, or E-mail us at, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

A permit is required before any memorial can be erected within Cemeteries / Churchyards. Memorial Permits can be downloaded Here.

Only Council approved stonemason's are allowed to erect any memorials, further information can be found on Shetland Island Council website or by clicking Here.

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